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We will find you great employer or a project. We care. We ask questions. We dig deep. That all enables us to accurately determine which company is the best choice for you. Sometimes we oppose, we share our know-how from the labour market with you. Together we will go through vacancies / projects that are most suitable for you. But still, in the final stage, it is you who choose. We can say words like "I don't know" or "I don't have anything". If we don't know, it doesn't mean we can´t figure it out. If we don't have, it doesn't mean it won't change soon. We want to keep a long term contact with you because who knows, tomorrow there may appear the best offer to you.

IT Outsourcing & Contracting

To the maximum

We know the companies about which we are talking about very well. We communicate directly with hiring managers, so that we can provide you with maximum information about the work itself, but also about projects, company culture and people, who may become your boss or colleagues. In a nutshell, what you can never find in the ad. Thanks to the close relationship with our clients, we are able to introduce you to positions you would not find at the regular labour market. And we go further! Like us, our clients value quality candidates, so we can create tailor-made job offers for you.

IT Outsourcing & Contracting
We care deeply about your needs.
We give you information, that you will not find in the advertisement.
No more unnecessary interviews.
We will negotiate the best conditions for you.
We stay in contact with you and keep you informed as we promised. All the time.

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Athletes, musicians or movie stars know why they have an agent. He solves contracts for them, negotiates royalties and ensures that they have a good work flow. We realized that this is something we want to bring into the IT world. You are also busy with your work, so why won´t you have your own agent?

IT Outsourcing & Contracting

Either you may have your own IT Agent

Together we will discuss your positioning on the market and ensure you an exclusive contracts as well as the best conditions possible!