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I want IT Agent for free I want IT Agent for free

Capacita’s Personal IT Agent

Athletes, musicians or movie stars know why they have an agent. They handle contracts for them, negotiate royalties, and make sure they have a good job opportunities.

We decided it was something we wanted to bring to the IT world. Assume you are also busy with your work, so why not have your agent?

I want IT Agent for free

Most Frequent Questions

Why do I need an IT Agent?

Are you discouraged by loads of seemingly very attractive job offers, projects and opportunities?

Are you discouraged by the flood of spams and invitations or by the permanent ringing of your phone?

Do you mind the desperate form of presentation and the incompetence of people offering these opportunities?

Are you discouraged by your enquiry being sent to all directions without your consent?

Are you discouraged by their offering you something you know for sure you really do not want to do anymore?

Do you mind all those promises, that they will come back to you but they never will?

So do we.

That’s not the way to do it!

So how to do it better?

Do you know what happens when you bring an experienced IT expert, headhunter, top manager, HR manager, mentor and coach together? This is what we do at Capacita and we believe that this service is unique in our market today.

It is mainly based on expertise and a broad overview of information technology, IT market knowledge and opportunities.

The IT Agent service looks at the recruitment process or involvement in projects with a totally different approach from normal market practice. It deals with all aspects of offering, inquiry and pricing, but also the feasibility of future application. It also works with a personal and philosophical level such as talent, motivation, sense or concern in individual work challenges and intersections.

The company's founders bring years of IT experience from technical and development roles to high management positions. This experience is the foundation of not only the IT Agent service, but the whole company. Proven collaboration and professional bonding extends across a diverse range of technology teams from mid to large to multinationals.

Are all your Agents IT experts?

It is fair to answer this question absolutely frankly.

Certainly not all our agents are well-grounded IT experts and they never will become ones, the same way as you will probably never have their knowledge of the market and projects. However, they are in frequent contact with clients, they know their needs, so they have greater opportunity for negotiating conditions on behalf of you. And you can take it for granted that they will be able to technically assess your profile and your requirements very well – that’s the way we do it. And if they do not know something, they will admit it to you. However, they will always honestly listen to what you really want; they will not bother you with something you are not interested in. If they do not have a corresponding offer for you, they will frankly tell you. And they will do their utmost to get one for you.

How much does the IT Agent service cost?

The IT Agent service is free of charge. If we want to succeed in such a demanding business, we must do our work at top quality; we cannot do that without you and our cooperation. Without exaggeration, the process is a symbiosis, a joining of forces between you and us. The only paid exception is extended and follow-up services, such as career mentoring, typological screening, and coaching. It depends on you whether you will be interested in such services, which can definitely move you further on. However, for certain, nobody will force you to make use of them.

Is the service offered only to contractors or is it intended also for employees?

The IT Agent service may be used both by contractors and employees.

Does the service obligate me to do anything?

Your use of the IT Agent service does not obligate you to anything. There is no reason. We want you to come back to us and this will happen only if you have good experience.

Will the service make my life anyhow easier?

We will also provide you with administrative and legal support, from getting a registration number and a registered office to accounting and taxation services, or we will completely arrange all on behalf of you.

Our extended services also include counselling at professional crossroads, assistance in difficult situations at work, etc. Similarly, we can go through the process of outplacement with you – an efficient assistance in difficult life situations, such as loss of employment. And you can also get some bonuses and benefits.

You may have your own personal agent
right now.

Together we will go through the market opportunities and provide you with exclusive contracts and the best conditions!

Miroslav O.
Team Leader - Networking & Security - Global Technology Vendor

I appreciate their professionalism and professional approach.

I have cooperated with Capacita twice when looking for a job. There are lots of recruitment agencies in the labour market but it is difficult to find an agency which is able to estimate your abilities, understands the industry, listens to your wishes and requirements, and is able to find an adequate job for you on such basis.

Pavel F.
Business Development Manager, a local counselling company

Eventually, the most difficult task for us was to choose the best applicant.

Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of Capacita’s consultants, we were able to staff the required positions in a very short time. Capacita’s great advantage is that it can select suitable candidates who fully comply with the specified requirements. Eventually, the most difficult task for us was to choose the best applicant because all the recommended candidates were very good.

Andrej R.
Investičná Banka – Hiring Manager and candidate

Absolute Elite on the Czech Human Resources Market

I have always been exceedingly satisfied with the services provided, the high degree of professionalism and the admirable human approach.

Lenka K.
HR Specialist – a supranational department store chain

I think that Capacita is the best method of finding suitable candidates.

Cooperation with Capacita was very professional, agreeable and efficient. Their reports on the candidates are very precise and detailed. I also appreciate their endeavours to learn as much information about our company, the specific team and the method of work as possible. I think that Capacita is the best method of finding suitable candidates.

Jiří K.
Global IT Category Manager

Professional Approach, Readiness, and the Best Job Offers on the Market

My cooperation with Capacita was completely different from all my hitherto experience with human resources officers.

Aneta T.
HR Specialist - Global Bank

Fast delivery although the positions are frequently very demanding.

I appreciate the quality of the candidates sent and the speed of their delivery although the positions are frequently very demanding with other agencies providing us with no candidates. The communication is fast and efficient. It has never happened to us that the candidates did not know what the position involved or were not sufficiently interested.

Marek H.
Information Security specialist - Global Delivery Center

The whole process was terminated by their finding me a super job.

My experience with Capacita is extraordinarily positive; I experienced their head hunter’s professional approach and excellent communication; the whole process was terminated by their finding me a super job with super remuneration. I recommend Capacita.

Radka K.
HR Manager – a supranational department store chain

The candidates always had relevant information.

We have found several ideal candidates thanks to Capacita’s very professional and active approach. The rate of success of the recommended candidates is a clear indicator for us that the candidates were selected with great care and got relevant information about the positions in our company before their interviews in our company.

Pavel Z.
Senior Developer. NET, Oracle, Prague

Very Professional Approach

I got an interesting job in a supranational financial institution under very advantageous financial conditions. I can certainly recommend cooperation with Capacita.

Lukáš C.
Sales Director – a global technological company

They understood our needs and requirements very fast.

Cooperation with Capacita is very positive for me chiefly due to their really fast understanding of our needs and requirements to be met by the wanted candidates. Thanks to this, they have managed to find candidates complying with our ideas really quickly.

Sap SRM/MM Consultant - Global Technology Vendor

I got my dream job thanks to Capacita.

Capacita helped me get a job I had not even dreamt of before. I got my dream job thanks to Capacita.

Zdeněk Č.
Head of Application Development – a supranational banking institution

We had been trying to staff a relatively short-supply IT position for a long time.

In spite of our relatively intensive cooperation with agencies and in spite of our looking for candidates on our own, we had been able to find almost no candidates with the required profiles. Capacita was able to deliver a very relevant list with a high-quality evaluation of the applicants in a very short time.

Lubomír J.
Managing Director - a global energy company

Capacita enables us to find the highest quality employees efficiently.

Because most of the other companies had been established in the power supply industry in the Czech Republic at that time, we were forced to create a network of reliable partners and extraordinarily efficient suppliers very quickly. Capacita was one of them. The company enables us to find the highest-quality employees efficiently and to incorporate them in our team.

Lukáš N.
Infrastructure Architect

I am looking forward to a new beginning once again.

We spend big parts of our lives in our jobs and if we are not satisfied, we need to do something about it. Capacita’s offer I got was brilliant in all its aspects: from the scope of employment to the financial remuneration!

Josef Z.
PHP Consultant, Prague

Professionalism and clients’ satisfaction comes first for them.

The first time, Capacita found the job of a developer for me within a pressing period of time; later I contacted them and got a job offer with a significantly more interesting rate of pay from the company I have been working for until today.

Zdenek S.
Head of System Integration – Global IT Solution Center

The work of the Capacita team has been high-calibre for me.

They were able to find us the best IT talents and senior experts I had ever had as well as the right people for the right positions through deep understanding of technologies, my needs, my team needs & behaviour and our culture. Capacita also took care of the talents from the first contact through the complete recruitment process and helped us to attract them.

Mike G.
Staffing Manager

Capacita has been strengthening the potential of our brand.

In the current, highly competitive labour market, where small details imply significant differences, Capacita is a partner to strengthen the potential of our brand in the long term. The flexibility, readiness, ability to provide a complex candidates’ overview, and high professionalism – this combination is a guarantee that cooperation with Capacita will produce results.

Aleš P.
Server Infrastructure Specialist

Although I have preferred a different offer, the experience has made a very positive impression on me.

I would like to thank Capacita for a really human approach and willingness to help. I am glad there are people who are able to listen to others in our republic.

Kamil B.
Senior Oracle PL/SQL Developer, Freelancer

They have provided me with an interesting comparison of my own experience and their long-standing practical experience.

When I was looking for a job in Prague, Capacita’s treatment was an agreeable change for me. The personal interview concerned the field of knowledge and was dispassionate, friendly, involving a personal approach. Capacita has procured an interesting project for me, helped me with precious advice and facilitated my start of business.

Dominik M.
Dominik M.

New Start in New Country

Capacita has helped me with everything. To get a freelancer license, an office address, and insurance. I know I can always count on them.

Martin. S
CIO (EMEA) - Global Technology Vendor

Two Words (Openness and Trust)

…these can define my past and current experience with Capacita. I also appreciate their personalized approach in the search for suitable candidates for my international teams, which required both business and technical acumen for successful accomplishment. I am looking forward to their continuous addressing of our future challenges.

You may have your own personal agent
right now.

Together we will go through the market opportunities and provide you with exclusive contracts and the best conditions!